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Find answers to frequently asked questions from both potential buyers and exhibitors.




Can new exhibitors to the trade market take part?

Yes, provided that you create your own handmade products. We do not separate first time sellers into a specific area or penalise 'first timers' in the application process.

How do I set out my space and sell to the trade?

Artisan Made UK is artist/maker led. You can join our online facebook group to speak to other exhibitors, ask for advice and have your questions answered. We are a friendly group of people and we want everyone to have success.

Although it would be nice to leave the venue with lots of orders, you should network throughout so that orders can follow after the event. This will be covered further in our Facebook exhibitor group.

How do I apply for a space?

You can submit your application form HERE. However, you must read our Exhibitor Information page in full before applying.

When do I get the result of my application?

We run a rolling application process. The sooner you apply, the sooner you will get your result. We aim to send out application results at the start of each month. If we fill all of our spaces, we will still take applications for Reserve Places, should spaces become available in the run up to the event. Exhibitors who apply late in the process may not be included in the brochure as some time is needed to have this created and printed. Please apply at your earliest convenience to secure your listing in the brochure.

How big are the spaces and how much do they cost?

The exhibition takes place in the cattle pen area of Skipton Auction Mart. Our spaces are listed as 'singles' or 'doubles'. Full details about sizes, pricing and surcharges can be found HERE.

When is payment due?

Invoices will be issued on Wednesday 01 December 2021. These must be paid by 31 December 2021 or we may have to reallocate your space.

What is included in my space?

Your area is an ampty space within a barred cattle pen. Please take a look at the pictures HERE if you have not been to one of our other events.

We do not provide a shell scheme, meaning you are free to set up your products however you wish. You are welcome to decorate your space how you see fit. You may also bring your own tables, stands and anything else that will help display your work.

Tables and electricity can be booked. Please note, there are surcharges for these options. All our prices can be found HERE. You are welcome to bring battery operated lighting if you do not wish to pay for electricity.

How are you different from other trade shows?

We work with an advisory group made up of artists and makers. This group is involved throughout the planning stages to help us create an event that meets your requirements.

Much of the offered support and guidance comes from experienced trade exhibitors who have a wealth of experience. We offer our spaces at a cheaper rate compared to other events because we only spend exhibitor fee income on items, staff and services that are crucial for the event.

Can i bring heaters and kettle?

Unfortunatly not. Our space is not set up for electric as a general rule due to the nature of the space. We are able to provide elextricitiy to pens for lighting and other low wattage items such as laptops and phone chargers. However, kettles and heaters can cause power outages so are not permitted.

How can I help with marketing?

All exhibitors are required to contact their buyers mailing lists to encourage them to visit our website and register for tickets. It isn't possible for us to contact every buyer, gallery and store in the UK so our network of exhibitors will be utilised in this area.

Please contact as many potential buyers as possible. You can point them to our mailing list HERE so that going forward we may contact them directly.





Is there an entry fee for buyers?

There is no entry fee for Artistan Made UK. The event is exclusively for trade buyers and will not be open to the general public. Your tickets are valid for both days of the event.

How do I register for tickets?

Please complete our Buyer Registration Form. We will contact you with your tickets once we have been able to varify your business status from the information you provide on the Buyer Registration Form.

Can I just turn up on the day?

Registering for the event is much preferred as this allows us to keep track of expected buyer numbers and plan the event accordingly. Buyers who attend the event without tickets will need to show proof of being in the trade (via documents with your business address). You would also be charged a £15 entry fee per person. Tickets are free to all buyers who register for the event in advance.

How do I get to the event and where can I stay?

The event takes place at Skipton Auction Mart, Gargrave Road, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 1UD.

Please visit our Explore Skipton page for details of the area, including where you can stay, eat and local attractions.

Are all your exhibitors in the brochure and is there a charge for this?

We expect our brochure to include the vast majority of exhibtors. Our high quality brochure will br given to you free of charge on entry.

You can also view The Line Up page of our website to see our current list of exhibitors. This page will be updated on a monthly basis with new exhibitors in the run up to our 2022 event.

Is there a cafe available?

Yes. There is a cafe on site and we will provide seating in various areas throughout the venue.

Are your exhibitors high quality artists and makers?

Although our venue may be unusual, it has been home to our incredibly successful Art in the Pen event for over fifteen years and Crafts in the Pen for five. Our public events have been graced with over 5000 members of the public over the course of a weekend event.

Our venue allows us to to charge an exhibitor fee that is a fraction of the cost of others. This gives emerging talent an opportunity to showcase their work in an arena that has previously been price prohibitive for many. The venue also creates a more relaxed environment in which to browse and order your stock.

All our exhibitors have to submit an application so that we can ensure their work is both hand made and high quality.

We are having troubles reaching an exhibitor. Can you help?

Of course! We will continue to support our exhibitors following the event. Your can view our artist directory by visiting The Line Up page of our website.

If you still can not find who you are looking for, please get in touch and we will do everything we can to help.

Can members of the public attend?

Artisan Made UK is for trade buyers only. Buyers should visit our Buyer Registration page to request tickets.

A small product range will be on display for the purpose of buyers placing orders.

We do have well established events for members of the public, including Art in the Pen (held in August) and Crafts in the Pen (held in November).